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crochet hat patterns
There have been numerous "End bush hat of the World" panics down the millennia. None has ever proven correct. Is this proof that asteroids do not strike the earth? Concerns about large-scale Muslim immigration are not disproved by past concerns about small-scale Jewish immigration. Jews have never formed rape-gangs, blown themselves up on public transport or forced the British authorities to spend millions protecting a Jewish author from having his throat cut. In what way is that a rational argument rather than moral blackmail? Muslims practice an authoritarian, misogynist religion characterized by violent intolerance. As a secularist who's fond of free speech and doesn't think much of gang-rape, I object strongly to mass immigration by members of a religion like that. 

All the names will go into two hats (one for men, one for women). We'll pick the male and female captains for each team, and they'll take turns drawing from the hats. No segregation by skill or experience, and no baggage...a literal free-for-all, with one exception: total newbies will be distributed evenly among the teams. Your name goes in the hat when you show up. Anyone arriving after teams have been cool hats chosen will get assigned to a team. There will be a fixed genzone on each field and the woman captain of the team starting the point in the genzone will select the number of women playing that point. The bill subsidizes nearly every sector of the energy production, including renewables, nuclear, coal, and gas, as well as subsidies to electrify transportation. 

The scheme crochet hat patterns also risks trade wars by setting up countervailing carbon tariffs against countries that do not tax their energy production. The actual provisions are not yet available, but this analysis initially looks like a bit of an improvement on the Rube Goldbergesque carbon rationing horror that the House of Representatives passed last summer. No I wouldn't because "by taking care of it" they would necessarily limit my choices to their discretion. By your logic, prisoners are the most free. Their housing and health care are taken care of completely. And they have lots of guards protecting their security. Seriously, suppose someone offered you the chance to live in house arrest on some big estate in Hawaii. 

Would you seriously trade your freedom and autonomy for that? I custom hats certainly wouldn't. In theory I support doing something about global warming (because threats to life and property are the proper focus of government). But I'm sure this bill is awful. I simply cannot imagine our Congress putting forward a bill that does more good than harm on this issue. I really think it should just do some educational "public awareness" thing and let the market work to fix this kind of thing (people are voluntarily seeking and valuing ways to reduce their carbon footprint and the market, as expected, is offering numerous opportunities to do that). The concept is great because it provides the dashboard user with a very simple means of being able to change the display at the drop of a hat by simply clicking a button. 

For the past several weeks I have been working on creating an Excel slicer tutorial that shows you how you can achieve this exact same functionality in your dashboards. I've put together a detailed tutorial package to show you how you can make this happen. This week, the administration announced very quietly there would be no infrastructure bill this year. Trump had forcefully positioned himself to Hillary Clinton's left on this issue, promising to spend twice as much as she would, and painting lavish pictures of hard-hat jobs modernizing roads and airports across the country. Instead, he used all his fiscal running room on a large, regressive tax cut, which predictably has forced the deficit to a level where he no longer has political support for a deficit-financed infrastructure bill. 

Trump has not merely forgotten these promises, his administration has embraced Washington sleaze with unprecedented gusto. Not only has he free knit hat patterns failed to prevent former administration officials from lobbying for foreign governments, he has had current administration officials lobbying for foreign governments. There has never been an American presidency so easily manipulated by domestic and foreign business interests. The most benign explanation for Michael Cohen's secret payments to his hastily constructed Delaware shell company is that he was a conduit for business interests to buy their way into Trump's good graces. Ultimately, USACE terminated its two prime contracts with ECC for convenience, leading ECC to terminate Aspic's subcontracts under the same [Image: free_knit_hat_patterns-111ewf.jpg] theory, pursuant to the explicit terms of the subcontracts.

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